Trailer Covers

Trailers are subject to extreme weather conditions all year round, but can be easily protected with a Cuvers heavy-duty leatherette trailer cover.  Whether an open-top or a box trailer, we can custom design a fabric cover to suit your specific trailer and all its features. We have an assortment of leatherette, both light and heavy, that can provide the ultimate protection against Mother Nature.   

Our fabric trailer covers are typically fastened to their respective trailers with rope, which is looped through grommets set around the periphery of the trailer cover.  Depending on the style of your trailer, we may recommend alternate fastening and tie-down methods that may be more appropriate for your specific trailer.  We can customize your trailer cover for your convenience, such as creating special openings for your trailer door so you can access your trailerís contents without removing the cover.  Whatever your preference, we are fully prepared and willing to offer advice and recommendations on the design of your Cuvers custom fabric trailer cover. 

Please note that our services are limited to the creation of the fabric cover only.  We do not provide any structural framework for trailers (metallic, wooden or otherwise), and are not qualified to advise on the creation of such a frame.   



General Information
  • protect against all types of weather

  • heavy-duty fabric

  • fully and precisely fitted

  • edge grommets provide tie-down

  • custom opening allows for removal of items without removing cover!

  • 3 year warranty


Pricing (approximate)

  • Pricing varies according to size, material, and quantity.  Please contact us for an estimate.