Shopping/Tote Bags (Standard and Expandable)

Plastic bags are still standard issue at most grocery and department stores, an extremely unfortunate practice given the environmental impact of plastic manufacturing and widespread usage.  Cuvers fabric shopping bags provide environmentally-friendly, long-lasting reusability in an exceptionally stylish appearance.  Cuvers shopping bags come in an assortment of cotton and poly+cotton coloured fabrics.

Cuvers shopping bags are designed with your comfort in mind, and include extra wide handles for increased grip and comfort for extra heavy loads.  Cuvers shopping bags are approximately 15 x 15, but their size can be customized to accommodate your specific needs. Exclusive to Cuvers is the expandable shopping bag, a unique design that provides double the carrying capacity during uncontrollable shopping sprees.  The Cuvers expandable shopping bag is made with a zipper that runs along the sides and bottom of the bag.  When the zipper is opened, an extra internalized fold of fabric is released, allowing the bag to virtually double in volume.  The bag can be recollapsed by reengaging the zipper to provide a more streamlined shopping bag for everyday use. 


Unexpanded bag holds seven items.  

When expanded, these bags double in volume and hold double the number of items!

General Information
  • high-endurance material

  • durable straps support entire bag

  • expands to double the volume!

  • washable!



  • Pricing varies according to size, material, and quantity.  Please contact us for an estimate.