Ordering, Payment, and Shipping


Orders are accepted by phone or email, and are usually filled with 3-5 business days depending on the complexity of the order as well as the quantity.  We will notify you when your order is ready. 


We currently accept cash, Visa/Mastercard/American Express, personal cheques, money orders, and Interac Email Money Transfers (see below).



What is an Interac Email Money Transfer?
An Interac Email Money Transfer is a bank-based, Person-to-Person (P2P) transfer of funds that uses email for fast notification, while financial institutions transfer the funds using established and secure inter-bank settlement systems. To send an Interac Email Money Transfer, login to your bank accounts online, specify a recipient by entering an email address, fill in the Interac Email Money Transfer information (payment amount, account from which to withdraw the funds, security question and optional personal message) and press send. An email notification is sent to the recipient's usual email inbox. The recipient gets an email with hyperlinks to the recipientís bank of choice to deposit the funds. Institutions which offer the Interac Email Money Transfer service comprise approximately 80% of all Canadians banking online.

How do I send an Interac Email Money Transfer?
To send an Interac Email Money Transfer, you need an email address, a password to access your bank accounts online (at a participating bank - BMO Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust or RBC Royal Bank) and the email address of the person to whom you are transferring the money. Email carries the notification while the banks use existing payment networks to transfer the money to any bank in Canada.

What does it cost to send and receive Interac Email Money Transfers?
It is free to receive an Interac Email Money Transfer but each bank charges differently for sending so check with your bank.

How secure is it to send money by email?
Several measures have been built into the application to ensure the protection of both your accounts and your personal information, including:
- Confidential, bank-issued user IDs and passwords
- 128-bit browser encryption
- Security Question and Response to ensure only the intended recipient can deposit the transfer
- Secure login processes
- Expiry date on Interac Email Money Transfers

It's important to stress that only the email notification travels over the Internet. Money does not, but rather, it is transferred through existing payment networks that banks have used for years to settle cheques and bank machine deposits and withdrawals.  The funds in an Interac Email Money Transfer always reside safely at a bank and never travel by email. The email is only a notification about the transaction. Your bank and your recipient's bank transfers the funds the way they always have for years - through existing interbank settlement arrangements. That's why it's secure. That's why it's a real-time transaction.


If you are unable to pick up your order, you may opt to have your order shipped, although the cost of shipping is extra.  We currently use FedEx although you may request an alternate shipping company should you wish.  We can provide a tracking number upon request.