Taking Measurements   

As with most manufacturers of custom products, we rely on accurate measurements to create a custom cover that's a perfect fit.  We have created this page to guide you in taking the measurements that are most important to us in determining precisely how to construct your specific cover.  Generally, we do not require detailed measurements for a quote, just the approximate shape of the object and the approximate length, width, and height.  If you have the old cover, you're finished!  Drop it off and you don't need to take a single measurement.

Air conditioner covers:

    Square units: Measurement Form

    Round units: Measurement Form  

Barbeque covers:

    Natural Gas/Propane: Measurement Form

    Built-in/Brick (with backsplash): Measurement Form

    Built-in/Brick (without backsplash): Measurement Form

    Big Green Egg: Measurement Form

Bass amp covers:

    Square: Measurement Form

    Slanted: Measurement Form

Table covers:

    Patio/Picnic: Measurement Form