Construction Bags

Heavy canvas construction bags are ideal for the storage of gravel, limestone, sand, soil, rock, and other construction materials.  Canvas flooring material provides exceptional strength and durability for these abrasive substances, allowing reliable storage with low risk of tearing or puncturing.  Two-needle lock stitch provides extra seam strength to prevent bag splitting and breakage during lifting or handling. 

In the interest of environmental preservation, we would discourage using construction bags as garbage bags, mainly due to the relatively low biodegradability of canvas flooring material.  Because construction bags are so durable, we strongly encourage our customers to reuse them whenever possible. Indeed, construction bags are extremely hardy and can be filled and emptied repeatedly with very little or no wearing of the material. 

General Information
  • made from resilient canvas

  • puncture and tear resistant

  • great for storage of soil, gravel, sand limestone, concrete, etc.

  • holds 75lbs or more without tearing



  • Pricing varies according to size, material, and quantity.  Please contact us for an estimate.