Custom BBQ Cover (Island with Backsplash)




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Preferred colour (may not be exactly as shown):

black           blue             grey             tan         beige   


pick up (former municipality of Scarborough, near intersection of Morningside and Lawrence)

shipped (shipping costs based on postal/zip code)






1.  When facing your BBQ, determine the:

               Overall height (A): inches

                Bottom width (B): inches

              Middle width (B1): inches

                  Top width (B2): inches

              Left side angle (D): inches

            Right side angle (E): inches

             Counter height (F): inches

            Counter height (G): inches



2.. At the side of your BBQ, determine the:

               Bottom  Depth (C): inches

               Middle depth (C1): inches

                   Ledge width (H): inches

      Front curved distance (I): inches


                                        YOU’RE DONE!


We strongly recommend you send us a photo of your custom brick grill, in case there are additional features for which we may need to account.

Additional comments/notes:

Warranty and Conditions: Cuvers warrants to the original purchaser of a Cuvers custom leatherette cover, that Cuvers will, at its option, replace, without charge, such product if it fails due to a manufacturing defect for a period of five years. Product replacement during the warranty period does not include transportation and labour costs. Cuvers reserves the right to examine the product in question prior to repair or replacement and may request proof of purchase. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by accidental damage, misuse, improper care or alteration, excessive heat or tearing not due to a manufacturing defect, or failure to follow the recommended procedures for care, maintenance, and storage. All incidental or consequential damages are specifically excluded. No additional warranties, express or implied, are given. Any implied warranty, including one of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, is limited to the duration of this written warranty. There are no refunds on any custom made products.

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